Tell Me, Why Do You Go To The Doctor?

Why do you go to the doctor?
Usually it’s because you’re not feeling so hot and everything you’ve tried at home isn’t working anymore.
And what happens when you get there?
They nurse and doc usually ask you some questions, take your blood pressure and temperature.
They listen to your heart and lungs, maybe check your reflexes, etc.
They’re collecting data.
They see things we don’t see.
They know things we don’t know.
This is what they do ALL day EVERY day.
They are the subject matter experts.
They recognize small pieces of the big picture that may go unnoticed to us but helps them determine a diagnosis.
So then they can prescribe a treatment to help us FEEL better.
This is very much like a consult with me (minus the physical exam of course).
My clients come to me because they’re not feeling so hot about their life.
It might be their relationship with their husband.
It might be an acutely stressful change in their life like a sick parent or partner.
It might be because they’ve checked off all the boxes and they’re still not happy.
And they’ve tried all the things on their own and it isn’t working.
So they make an appointment with me and we chat.
I collect data.
I ask questions about everything that’s not going well.
I ask about what they’ve already tried that hasn’t worked.
I see patterns in their behavior they’ve never noticed.
I see where they’re self-sabotaging and don’t realize it.
I show them where they are getting in their own way.
I recognize things they don’t.
And then I tell them how to fix it.
I help them feel better.
Because this is what I do every day.

Listen, I know we’re programmed to think that it’s noble to “go it alone,” and to believe, “I can figure this out by myself.” The internet is FLOODED with DIY projects for EVERYTHING. And in some instances, you’re right. You probably could. But it’s going to take you So. Much. Longer. then if you were to ask for help.
By the way, we only have one life to live. How much more time do you want to spend “trying,” things that “might work,” instead of investing in something that actually solves the problem?
If you’re tired of “trying,” and ready to start, “doing” I’m your girl. Head on over my “work with me” page to schedule your free consult right NOW.