I’m not the easiest person to be married to…..

I can be a pretty big raging asshole in my relationship.

I want things done my way.

I think my way is the best way.

I am proud.

I am stubborn.

But I also love my husband and want an amazing marriage.

One of the things I’ve learned to do to protect my husband from my inner mean girl is ask for space to allow myself (aka my brain) to throw a temper tantrum when needed. 

Point in case, today.

While cutting up veggies for our meal prep my husband cut his finger pretty bad.

This meant he’d need my help to finish meal prep for our lunches.

“fuck, this is taking time away from working on my business,” is what my brain said and I could feel the pressury anxiety in my chest.

So I took a few deep breathes and thought to myself, “it’s fine, we can do this, we’ll figure it out.”

Then, as I’m reaching for veggies to chop I realize he forgot to get zucchini at the store.

Instantly I’m irritated because I had a plan and when things don’t go as planned, I get bitchy.

He said, “you sound irritated right now. The store was mobbed yesterday, I meant to circle back…”

I put my hand up and said, “yes, I’m irritated. I don’t need you to fix anything. Just let me be irritated.”

And HE DID! He turned around and left the room.

I didn’t get on his shit. I didn’t blame him. I didn’t start an argument.

I threw a mini temper tantrum in my brain, allowed the irritation to pass, and then moved the fuck on with meal prep.

Then I when I was done, I made sure to give him a kiss before I went to resume working on the biz.

Crisis averted; connection maintained.


Do you know how good it feels to NOT let that stupid shit eat at me all night? Pretty freaking amazing. 


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