What if there’s no such thing as a HCBM?

There is no such thing as a “High Conflict” Bio-Mom. 

Read that again. 

You’re pissed at me, amiright? 

I bet your brain is arguing with me, and you want to delete this email.

Just stay with me for one second. 

How do you feel when you call someone “high conflict?”  

As in, what vibrations happen in your body? What emotions come up when you think about the person you label as “high conflict?” 

Anger? Irritation? Anxiety? Frustration?

What do you do mentally and physically?

Brace for impact? Prepare for battle? Become defensive?

Do you see how much your mindset and behavior completely shift from just this one thought? 

She’s NOT even around as you’re reading this email, and I bet your entire demeanor changed. 

Bio-Mom is not the problem, my friends; it’s your thoughts about her. 

When we label someone as high conflict, we often end up being the ones who create conflict. 

Our adrenaline spikes, our logical mind shuts down, our primitive brains take over, and everything and anything can and is interpreted as a threat of war. 

I know you want to argue with me. I know you have lots of evidence. 

I know you think you’re right and she’s the problem.

But is your way working?

What if the first step in dealing with a High Conflict Bio-Mom, is to stop calling her High Conflict?


P.S. Listen, co-parenting doesn’t have to be a constant battle of wills, power plays, and leveraging. Don’t believe me? I’ll show you in 45 minutes or less, for FREE. Sign up here