When’s That Shoe Gonna Drop?

Despite a rocky start to 2020, things are finally going well.
Today I was thinking about all the things I’m grateful for right now.
My husband is awesome.
The kids are great.
My clients are great.
My friends are amazing.
My family rocks.
So then why is there this looming sense of dread? Like a big dark cloud that slowly sneaks in.
And my brain starts to look around for danger.
Where is it?
I know it’s here….
Where is that other shoe that’s waiting to drop?
Do you do this too? When things are going awesome, you start to brace for impact?
As I said, I was writing down my list of awesome when suddenly I felt it. It was dark and heavy and a little anxiety-provoking too.
It harshed my gratitude buzz in a hurry.
WHY, was I doing this to myself?
Why did this feel so shitty?
The answer. Fear.
Fear of something terrible happening that would come along and rip away all my joy.
Fear of feeling bad.
Fear of disappointment, anger, rejection, whatever the negative emotion may be.
The fear of the hurt and discomfort that comes with negative emotions and not being able to mentally and emotionally handle it.
The dear god, don’t make me have to live through that again, kind of fear. Amiright?
But here’s the thing.
What if I didn’t need to be afraid of all of those things?
What if worrying wasn’t necessary?
What if worrying, only robbed me of my joy now and never actually protected me?
What if maybe I’m capable of handling ALL of those negative emotions?
Dear friends, I am.
I am completely capable of handling it all, and so are you.
Worry isn’t necessary; it only pretends to be.
Worry does not protect you.
Worry is only robbing you of joy.
Worry is optional.
How do you stop worrying?
Stop fearing negative emotions.
They are just vibrations in your body.
Negative emotions are normal.
Negative emotions are unavoidable.
Running from them only makes it worse.
If I can handle them, so can you.
Worry shows you where you have a lack of belief in your ability to handle negative emotions.
What if you believed you didn’t have to brace?
What if you believed you were capable?
What if you believed negative emotions were normal?
You’d be completely liberated from worry.
You’d no longer be exhausted from dread, bracing, and running away.
You’d no longer fear negative emotion because you’d believe you could handle it. All of it, because you can.
I believe in my ability. I believe in yours too.
When you believe, the worry falls away.

P.S. Worrying is normal. It’s also optional. If you struggle with constant worrying about what could be coming around the corner, I’m here to help.