20 Nuggets From My Brain to Yours

  1. Belief is one of the most powerful skills we’re NOT taught to harness. 
  2. So many of us actually have no idea how to feel, process, and cope with our emotions. 
  3. All the bullshit your brain tells you really is optional.
  4. You can be right, or you can be happy.
  5. More does not always equal happy.
  6. Sometimes letting go get’s you where you want to be way faster than holding on. 
  7. Owning your shit means no one else can use it against you. 
  8. Fear is never a good reason not to do something. 
  9. There is no shortcut around vulnerability.
  10. You can’t ask someone to do something you’re unwilling to do yourself.
  11. Where ever you go, there you are (props to Machelle Galloway for this fave).
  12. Love is always the best option.
  13. Sometimes love looks like, “no.”
  14. All of the reasons you’re not doing something are usually the exact reasons you need to do it. 
  15. You’ll hear the message when your brain is ready to receive it. 
  16. You can’t get out of your way until you admit you’re the obstacle.
  17. Sometimes feeling good is scarier than feeling bad.
  18. Failing isn’t the problem; it’s what you decide to do after that counts. 
  19. Not all people are your people, and that’s okay. 
  20. If you’re resisting the bad stuff, then you’re resisting the good stuff too.