YOU 2.0

One of my favorite questions lately for my clients and myself has been, “What would the future you do?” Especially when I’m feeling stuck in inaction and “I don’t wanna.” When Netflix and popcorn sound WAY better than writing a blog or when my clients are stuck in, “I don’t know what to do!” I simply ask, “what would the future you do?” It’s pretty incredible how much wisdom you can mine from your future self. Sometimes it’s easy to get so stuck in the drama of here and now, it clouds the vision of where you are going.

But for real, think about the YOU, you wish you could be. The you who has it all together. What would that bitch do?

The badass who knows who she is, what she’s worth, and oozes confidence. Does she allow her ex to curse at her and call her names? Does she stalk his facebook and his new girl? Hell. No.

The woman who lost the 30lbs and kept it off. Does she complain about meal prep? Does she buffer with food? Does she hit snooze instead of working out? She sure doesn’t.

The woman who is knocking it out of the park at work and nailed that promotion. Does she get distracted by her boss’s pettiness? Does she worry about what everyone else is getting that she’s not? Nope, that chick is busy making shit happen.

Future me isn’t afraid of failing, even though I’m terrified. Future me is a fantastic coach who makes me coach courageously now. Future me cheers me on when I’m scared, so I do the scary thing anyway. Future me made me write this blog because she keeps her commitments to her people and herself. Future me knows there is someone out there who needs me, right now, so she won’t let current me quit.

So I dare you to ask yourself, what does the future you look like? How does YOU 2.0 think, act, and feel? What would they do if they were in your shoes? What would they think when they heard “no?” How do they act when things get hard, or they get uncomfortable?
If you want to become YOU 2.0, you have to start thinking and acting like that person RIGHT now. You have to start living from that place, NOW. This means making decisions based on where you want to go, NOT on where you have been. Give it a try. You can do it. Future me and future you, believe in you.

Still need some more cheering on? Not sure how to channel your future wisdom? Let’s chat! Schedule a free 45 coaching consult now! Go on, do it! Your transformation is waiting!