Save The Drama

Drama. Drama. Drama.

We’re always complaining about drama. Drama from other people. The drama of our own.

You’d be surprised how much of it is self-inflicted.

Actually, It’s ALL self-inflicted.

Read that again.

Your drama, my drama, all self-inflicted.

My clients come to me with all of their stories and drama.

” My husband is so hard on my daughter, but lets my stepson get away with murder.”

“I’m so sick of my ex-husband’s new wife being disrespectful and butting in our business.”

I don’t believe them, any of them.

Even though they so badly want me to.

That’s not my job.

My job isn’t to believe in my clients’ stories. My job is to show THEM their story and that it is in fact, just a story.

Their stories are just sentences running through their minds that they’ve chosen to believe.

The client complaining about her kids’ stepmom being disrespectful was based on a text convo she’d had with stepmom, and it looked something like this;

Stepmom: Did you get the paperwork from Stepson’s school?

Bio-Mom: No, not yet.

Stepmom: Okay, we will just ask for a copy at the open house.

My client went on and on about how stepmom has “no right” to be getting involved in “her business.” That stepmom is “so rude” and “all she had to do was be a little patient.

My client was CONVINCED that Stepmom was the problem.

So I asked her to list the facts of her story for me, things that could only be proven in the court of law.

This is what we came up with:

  • She has a son.
  • She has a married ex-husband.
  • Her son has a stepmom.
  • The stepmom text her the words “Did you get the paperwork yet?” and ” Okay, we will just ask for a copy at the open house.”
  • She text the words “No, not yet.”

Everything else was her story about the conversation.

My client’s story about those words was what was creating all the drama she’d come to me complaining about.

It was all optional.

No matter what has happened in the past, you are responsible for your story right now.

And your story is always optional. The drama is always optional.

How liberating is that?

Are you tired of the drama?

I can help.

You ready?