It’s Not Supposed to be This Hard

It’s not supposed to be this hard.


I remember sitting in the waiting room of our Therapist’s office, patiently waiting for him to retrieve me.


I couldn’t help but wonder, is it supposed to be this hard?


Should being in a relationship be this hard?


Should we be fighting this much?


Is it normal that the kids are bickering so much?


If it’s meant to be, should it take this much work?


Is this normal?


I believed it wasn’t, and that belief was making me miserable.


So, I blamed everyone and everything else for my misery.


I blamed the exes for being difficult.


I blamed my husband for disagreeing with me.


I blamed the courts for not supporting us. 


The more I blamed, the more I tried to control, which only proved how little control I had, and the more miserable I became to the point I was clinically depressed


Therapy saved my life. Therapy saved my marriage. But therapy wasn’t making me happy.


Nothing was making me happy.




Because happiness is an inside job.


It’s something we give to ourselves.


Happiness didn’t happen until I started to own my shit.


Change requires awareness and taking responsibility.


I had to become aware of my thoughts and beliefs and how they were causing me to show up in my life.


I had to take responsibility for how I had behaved and realized the experience I had was one I had created.


Because I believed that “It shouldn’t be this hard,” I felt like everything I was doing was wrong.


I was afraid it meant I was failing as a mom and wife


I was terrified of failing, so I tried to hold on tighter, have more control, which only caused more tension and arguments.


I was perpetuating my misery by holding on to this belief.


The truth is blending a family comes with challenges, but you are the one who makes it hard, or not.


Not sure where to start?


Neither did I, let me help you.


Together we can control the chaos of your mind and your family!