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Hi, I’m Billiejo and I’m a Certified Life Coach. 

Life is “easier” than ever thanks to modern conveniences. 

We can have food delivered from all of our favorite restaurants, groceries delivered same day, and almost anything can be bought on Amazon. 

Cell phones are now basically mini-laptops and capable of running our entire lives from the palm of our hand. 

Video technology allows people to work for almost anyone from anywhere around the world. 

So, why aren’t we happier? 

Why are our lives and relationships feeling messier? 

Because people and things don’t create happiness, our brains do.

You just haven’t been taught how to retrain your brain to find happiness where you are, create peace on demand, have true connection in relationships, and navigate chaos with out getting sucked up in it. 

But I can show you how. 

Let’s take your life from, “ugh” to “Uh-mazing!”